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About Us

Sawing Amwerican Elm.jpg
Owner: Cecil Smith

I own and operate Earlywood Design & Services.I was working as an  Electrical Engineer when I started the company in 2004. I started the company with a Woodmizer LT40 Hydraulic sawmill, doing custom sawing for folks in the DC and Baltimore MD area. In 2010 I left the corporate world and focused the business on converting urban logs into live edge slabs and slab furniture.

Giving Urban Logs a Purpose  

I work with local tree services to get logs that would otherwise end up as firewood or go to the landfill. Many of the logs I use are not desired by the larger local sawmills because I look for the logs that have great character, crotch pieces, and of course, very large logs.

Sentimental Customers

I am often contacted by people who have to take a tree down in their yard because of tree damage, adding an addition to their house, or poor health of the tree. They have loved their tree for many years and want to do something with the wood. I will work with the tree service who is taking down the tree, haul the logs back to my place with my log truck, saw them into slab lumber, dry and flatten the boards, and work with the customer to create a special piece of furniture.

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